Zen Hospitality

Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Your Host

David Dakan Allison

I’m the host of the Zen House. It’s not a hotel or a guest cottage. It’s my personal home, the place where I live and cook my meals and write. And there’s plenty of room for a guest or two.  I always enjoy people of like spirit.

If you do want to make this your retreat stay, a fair trade exchange for house maintenance and upkeep is suggested. Since it’s not a business, a  love offering of around 1000 Thai baht, or $32 a day per person, will make the many statues happy.




The Zen House is located 22 Km from the Old City, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and 5.5 km from Doi Saket. It is across the highway from Horizon Village Resort and Spa. It’s not as far away as it first seems. A 45 cent yellow bus will get you to the city in 30 minutes, and if you want a quick trip home you can get the GRAB app and pay cash. I will tell you all about how to get around.




Zen Garden

Zen House from street

Garden Art

Books Written by David Dakan Allison

David is the author of the Eight Book The Legend of Lucky Two Crows series:

Book #1: To Gather a Tribe    

Book #2:  Prelude to Paradise

Book #3:  One Path Home    

Book #4: Back to the Garden

Book #5: The High Pony  

Book #6: The Diary of an American Guru

Book #7: A Murder of Crows      

 Book #8: The Bangkok Bride

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