Your Shaman Guide

David Dakan Allison

I’m on the road.  Seattle in March and April 2019, and then a slow drive down the coast to Todos Santos near Cabo San Lucas at the end of the Baja peninsula. Should be there by September – and can be contacted at any time along the way.




While on the road I can park my 4Runner and take off. All you need to do is pay my fee, and an airline ticket to wherever you are, then off we go. The world is waiting for US !!

I’m a Scholar, Investigative Reporter, Fiction Writer and One Curious Old Fart


Here is a list of Books I’ve written. I also have two highly skilled Hollywood Executive Producers looking for how to get my Legend directly into a TV series. Now that would be awesome.

David is the author of the Eight Book The Legend of Lucky Two Crows series:

Book #1: To Gather a Tribe    

Book #2:  Prelude to Paradise

Book #3:  One Path Home    

Book #4: Back to the Garden

Book #5: The High Pony  

Book #6: The Diary of an American Guru

Book #7: A Murder of Crows      

 Book #8: The Bangkok Bride

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