Travels with Dakan

Do you want a Mexico Travel Guide?

To see the ancient ruins and pyramids?

How about a World Travel Companion?

What I have to offer

I have created a Travel Business out of Seattle. It is an exclusive offering for a one-on-one Senior Bucket List adventure to ANYWHERE, for a minimum of one week, with me as your host/guide 24/7. Wherever you want to go, I will arrange it, and pay for everything out of your investment in yourself, for your happiness in your journey away from loneliness. I will make sure your Spirit Guides are with you all the time.

If you’re willing, we can go wherever your heart desires, as long as it isn’t a war zone.

Have you ever been to the Cathedral at Notre Dame in Paris? I have. It’s magnificent. There are theories that its not what it appears to be – that is was one of thousands of Power Grid Stations all over Europe, before the mid-1800’s providing free electrical power to everyone. Does studying this possibility intrigue you?

Do you know how they made the magnificent Cathedrals in Europe

Were they high tech conductors of Power?

Would you like to go see them with new eyes? A fresh perspective?


This is not a “budget travel” offer. I’m a 72 year old man who is only interested in kind-hearted clients who can afford a “Bucket List” journey; a life altering or life completing adventure.  My fee is $1500 a week, with a one week minimum, for full tour guide attention to detail. After Skyping and developing trust, my fee can be paid directly to me. Once I’m paid and the date is set – off we go.

You will pay for flights, hotels, meals and transportation for both of us, at whatever level you choose. First class is preferred. Hostels are not acceptable. We will choose the most exciting route, and not necessarily the most expensive.

Todos Santos Baja Mexico tower – not so grand but pretty cool

I grew up as a world traveler. I had my first birthday in the Philippines, kindergarten and first grade in Japan, 4th, 5th and 6th in Germany. During my life I’ve traveled around the world to countries like Iran and Afghanistan, all over Europe, to nearly every US state. I lived in the frontier states of Alaska and Hawaii for 36 years. For  7 years I made my home in Thailand. I’ve taken several trips to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. I’ve learned a thing or two about getting around Asia. Speaking street Thai helped being there. Now I will learn to speak Spanish.

I was taught by the most brilliant Shaman Medicine Woman. I’ve spent many years as a Life Coach. From the moment I heard the Beatles song, “all the lonely people, where do they all come from, all the lonely people, where do they all belong,” I realized that we’re all lonely in one way or another.  Half a billion people in the world, all Buddhist, believe that each and every human is engaged in suffering. So there is really no getting around it, all of us are doing our best not to suffer, to be happy, and when we feel unsupported, and not heard, we’re lonely. Anyone you know who is not happy, is lonely.

As a trained Shaman I’ve learned how to communicate with your Spirit Guides. They will help guide you to the correct path – for you. There is never anything negative coming from the guides – only help in finding happiness.

Dakan on the beach in AoNang, Krabi, Thailand

At my favorite Theatre Villa on the beach at Bang Saphan, Thailand

One of my favorite parks in Villiers, Paris, France

A walk on the south shore of Bali

My tour of British castles, Midlands, Darbyshire

Welcoming you to my favorite Koh Samui beach at Lamai

Medical Tourism

Please contact me regarding your medical need. In Thailand I would predict that the cost will be around 1/4 or better than the US price, with “comparable to better” health care. Many people have discovered that even with Health Insurance and the deductible, they can come here and get the treatment, and pay for the flight and hotel, all for less cost than what they would have paid for the same treatment in the US. My fee is the same: $1500 a week and you pay all expenses. Haha – Maybe not a savings in the long run – but you’ll get to know Thailand from someone who has lived here for 7 years.